Dragon Fyah Glass


I am a UK glass artist producing a variety of pieces from collectable marbles, bowls, wearable pendants and ceremonial wands to artistic pipes, vapourising tools, tiny bowls and incense holders.  I use borosilicate (hard) glass, which is tougher and more durable than soda-lime (soft) glass and is highly resistant to thermal shock (so it can be heated or cooled with little worry).

Inspired by glass working friends from the UK and American master glass workers online; in 2016 I set up a small glass studio at my home in Dorset which is where I currently work from. I use a mounted blow torch to melt pre-made rods and tubes of glass in a style called ‘lampworking’ or ‘flameworking’.

Every piece is handmade by me; even when using the same styles and techniques I try and keep them unique with their own energy and feeling. Long running interests in dark fantasy, magic, spirituality, energy, ancient powers, future technologies, theoretical science, space, aliens and entheogens inspire my work and style.

I have a range of Dragon’s Eye Pendants. Wearable neck jewellery in the style of a single wyrm’s eye! Each one is representative of a force, idea or emotion. They come with a given name and a description of themselves and the energy or meaning they convey to the wearer.

I am currently designing Dragon Wands, ceremonial (or magical!) wands that can be used for a variety of things from simple decoration and display pieces to powerful tools for energy work where they channel and focus the energies of powerful dragons to be used by the practitioner.

There is an ETSY store, which you can reach from the tabs at the top of this page, that I am currently filling with my pendants. I will be listing more items there when I have caught up with what I have. I will also have another store directly on this site for my more functional pieces, but that is an upcoming project.

Thank you very much for reading and please feel free to look at my work!